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thEy ArrivE At thE trAin stAtion 为什么用At?

arrive at+较小的地点名词,如school,park,zoo. arrive in+较大的地点名词,如Beijing ,ShangHa

Do they arrive at the train station?

你好,很高兴能够在这里回答你的问题,这道题的正确答案应该为: When are you able to arrive at the train station? When can you get to the train station? ************************************************************************** ^_...

piayers是什么? players? 运动员们到达了火车站

arrive 安迪周六会到达火车站。

arrive at the bus station early的意思是:很早到达公共汽车站。 arrive at 达到,达成;到达某地 例句: I calculated that he would arrive at midnight. 我估计他将在午夜到达。 The question is how to arrive at your opinions and not wh...


4 this morning, they arrived at the train station. ( at the same time )5 in all sports, which do you like best. ( of all ) 米菲梦娜 | 发布...

选B when,while都有“当……时候”的意思。when既可表示某一点时间,也可以表示某一段时间 。在when引导的时间状语从句中,其谓语动词可以是延续性的,也可以是非延续性的,可与主句中的谓语动词同时发生,也可在其后发生。 例如: 1、I was just r...

arrived, had waited


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