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thEy ArrivE At thE trAin stAtion 为什么用At?

arrive at+较小的地点名词,如school,park,zoo. arrive in+较大的地点名词,如Beijing ,ShangHa

they arrive at the train station他们到达火车站

Do they arrive at the train station?

选A ,due to 表示“预定,定于” 意思是“火车预定于于10:30到,如果一切正常的话”,再如 His book is due to be published in October

arrive 安迪周六会到达火车站。

at后面接小的地方 in后面接大的地方 on后面接时间 举例如下: arrive in Beijing arrive at school arrive at the park The letter arrived ________ Monday morning. A. at B. from C. in D. on 答案:D


C 试题分析:句意:你能告诉我如何到达火车站吗?这里是疑问词+动词不定式,在句中作宾语;get to+地点;arrive at+地方;故选C。

roller.I think they are going to re-pair our ...Will she arrive on time next time? 下次她会...I’m going to meet him at the railway station...

一. in,on在方位名词前的区别 1. in表示A地在B地范围之内。如: Taiwan is in the southeast of China. 2. on表示A地与B地接壤、毗邻。如: North Korea is on the east of China. 二. at, in, on在表示时间上的区别 1. at指时间表示: (1)时...


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