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thEy ArrivE At thE trAin stAtion 为什么用At?

arrive at+较小的地点名词,如school,park,zoo. arrive in+较大的地点名词,如Beijing ,ShangHa

they arrive at the train station他们到达火车站

Do they arrive at the train station?

at the train station还是in the train station都可以,但是意义不同。 in the train station 是在火车站里,候车大厅,或者站台 at the train station 是在火车站,可以是火车站里,也可以是战前广场,或者附近 具体用那个,要看当时情况。如果...

1. had left 2. was, doing, was cooking 3. finished 4. was reading 5. said, would 6. go 7. telephoned 8. had finished 9. bought, had sold 10. was washing 11. got 希望对你有帮助

We arrive (at) the train station.

C ? 从原题句意“火车在下午6点离开,”可知,A、 B两项不符合原句。D项是干扰项。后半句意思为“最晚在下午5:40 到达车站”。因此,只能选C。意思为“到5:40 为止”。?

选before 火车在外面到达车站前开走了

C 此题重点考查needn’t和mustn’t的区别,not …until 的用法needn’t表示没必要的意思,mustn’t表示一定不要的意思,not…until 表示直到…才。根据题意选C.

这题不可能把It is over there.除非提问者是个瞎眼的 Go straight for two blocks and turn right. You will be able to see the train station.


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