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2014-03-31 18:18:00 SHANGHAI - CHINA, PEOPLES REPUBLIC:快件已从发件人处提取 2014-03-31 18:39:00 SHANGHAI - CHINA, PEOPLES REPUBLIC:正在(已经)安排下一站的转运 SHANGHAI - CHINA, PEOPLES REPUBLIC 2014-03-31 18:41:00 SHANGHAI - C...

货已发(已发货物) 例如:Shipment delivered but never received?(标题)货已发送却未收到? 提醒:shipment此处意为“发送的一批货物”。 ————【译苦思甜】团队成员荣誉回答

货已发(已发货物) 例如:Shipment delivered but never received?(标题)货已发送却未收到? 提醒:shipment此处意为“发送的一批货物”.

Shipment Delivered 货物已经发运

Shipment delivered in good condition.的中文翻译 Shipment delivered in good condition. 货物交付情况良好。


2011-08-28 loading date, shipment date,de... 26 2016-03-14 commissioning date 和delivery ... 2015-07-25 delivery date 与expiry date有什么区...更...

从KC买的东西,dhl单号是166390516052,现在的状态是The shipment could not be delivered since the recipient was not present and is being stored. The recipient...


The shipment has been delivered from the delivery depot to the recipient by simplified company delivery2016-03-07 03:58:00The shipment has been processed...


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