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ConvEnE,AssEmBlE,均有集合 召集的意思求区别

convene 英[kənˈvi:n] 美[kənˈvin] vt. 召集; 聚集; 传唤; vi. 集合; [网络] 召开; 开会; 召集,集合; [例句]Last August he convened a meeting of his closest advisers at Camp David. 去年8月,他召集自己最亲近的顾问在...

convene [kEn5vi:n] v. 召集, 集合 convene con.vene AHD:[k…n-v¶n“] D.J.[k*n6vi8n] K.K.[k*n6vin] v.(动词) con.vened, con.ven.ing, con.venes v.intr.(不及物动词) To come together usually for an official or public purpose;...


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