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    On my way home I knocked into a stranger as he passed by. "Oh. I'm terribly sorry," I said. "That's all...

11 called Tom 12 think, as 13 flew out of 14 day and night, opening ceremony 15 since then, with a palm branch

4took to finish 5to not worry 6 Make sure Have you learnt anything? I watched he was climbing the tree. How long did it take you recover? How strict the rules are ! I wrote about my holiday yesterday.

When born; Nobody comes from Did pass to took part in How long have

阅读在生活中非常重要。我们可以通过阅读获取知识。阅读不止是使我们的思想开放还能使我们更聪明。除此之外,阅读是其中一种最重要的的方式去学习外语,例如英文。 课本,报纸,杂志和其他种类的读物能帮组我们去更了解外面的世界和帮组我们变成...

Must I quickly read the text? Which one would you like to write? Let's read another two poems. Each line has a set number of words.

lays completed butterflies freezes chemicals

Helen is famous for her courage. Tao Xingzhi is a great educator in China Helen was a deaf and blind hero to the people around the world.

7,including 包括的意思 8,on,in 意思是不要对自己太苛刻,在犯错误方面,在某某方面用in 9.from learn from 向某某学习 10,by by oneself=on one's own 顺便讲一下单选 11A,beside 介词,意思是在旁边 Bexcept 除了什么之外 C,except for 美...

11 I am afraid of the real dentist. 12 I woke up with a terrible toothache . 13 It is difficult to stand. 14 There was a woman in red dress . 15 What kind of music do you like ? .


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