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    On my way home I knocked into a stranger as he passed by. "Oh. I'm terribly sorry," I said. "That's all...

They are like two peas in a pod. Good friends don't have to say sorry. He could spend more time playing basketball. Don't friends that like help each other? (不确定这一个) You did argue with your best friend. 或 Did you argue w...

1C,2C,3D,4B.5 1 bought for,2

Camping is cheaper than staying in a hotel . How boring the book is ! You must watch the game at 8:00 last night . I has returned Tom the book . I saw him picking flowers in the garden . 祝学习进步!

7,including 包括的意思 8,on,in 意思是不要对自己太苛刻,在犯错误方面,在某某方面用in 9.from learn from 向某某学习 10,by by oneself=on one's own 顺便讲一下单选 11A,beside 介词,意思是在旁边 Bexcept 除了什么之外 C,except for 美...

we will print our own T-shirts this week we usually play a class as songs my favorite subject is shop in school I want to take part in the project with my fair we often make many different shop things in class

2 by working


41 environment

为您解答 这里原文是现在分词做后置定语,表示的是正在发生的。如果用不定式,一般表示还未发生,但是问题是在正在救火时才会造成,所以不定式不合适。


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