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英语题 谢谢!


You can tell him that it/this makes/made you angry.

Camping is cheaper than staying in a hotel . How boring the book is ! You must watch the game at 8:00 last night . I has returned Tom the book . I saw him picking flowers in the garden . 祝学习进步!

4took to finish 5to not worry 6 Make sure Have you learnt anything? I watched he was climbing the tree. How long did it take you recover? How strict the rules are ! I wrote about my holiday yesterday.

He ___B_____ his arms on the table when I entered the room. (按理说应该是was resting)A. rest B. rested C. resting D. to rest The boy has grown two inches or more since I ____saw____ him a year ago. A. see B. saw C. have seen D....

went past enjoys himself weighes 200 kilograms take a boat trip need to exercise keep fit take care come on is, made of are going to the top

2 pale illness 3 encrouge to not to 4 focus on 5 do not have choice but

感觉这题有错 实现梦想 achieve one's dream realize one's dream fulfill one's dream you can be 这后免不能再填动词了,后面再一个you 那这后面也不能填名词dream 好奇怪

阅读在生活中非常重要。我们可以通过阅读获取知识。阅读不止是使我们的思想开放还能使我们更聪明。除此之外,阅读是其中一种最重要的的方式去学习外语,例如英文。 课本,报纸,杂志和其他种类的读物能帮组我们去更了解外面的世界和帮组我们变成...

1j 2h 3g 4a 5c 6i 7e 8f 9b 10d 1、然而,环境问题显示出很大隐患 2、那就是为什么这段时间被称为黄金周的原因 3、家庭辛福是每一个家庭成员的愿望 4、太阳升落,时光流逝 5、他可以告诉你所有你想知道的 6、I have not heard about him in thi...


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