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藏獒Tibetan Mastiff

你好! 藏獒 The Tibetan mastiff

Tibetan mastiff, also known as the Tibetan dog, fan dog, Qiang dog, native to the Qinghai Tibet Plateau of China, is a large, ferocious, Lop eared, short haired dogs. About 130 centimeters in length, hair long and thick, cold, ...

藏獒的英文名就是 Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan mastiff, the Tibetan plateau from the People's Republic of China, is a large, ferocious, lop-eared kennel. About 120 centimeters in length and body hair, stiff, outer coat is not too long, at the end of hair in cold cli...

霸气一点 To take a domineering point of Tibetan Mastiff

中文原文 藏獒 预备犬组 整体外观 尊贵威猛。藏獒体型巨大,身体长度稍长于高度,强壮有力,骨骼肌肉发育良好,威严肃穆,表情冷静,头面宽阔,头骨宽大,眼炯炯有神,呈杏仁状,稍斜。肌肉宽大且伸展,形成一种立体感。它的尾巴很有特色,尾位...

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